Swipe and spread mushrooms to the furthest reaches of the forest!


An annual race of shrooms is taking place in the forrest and the gnomes are anxious to find out who will reach the furthest parts of the woods!  Various obstacles like exploding mushrooms and slowing moss will try to stop the race, but the show must go on!


Swipe to all directions and guide the spreading fungus in it's way to reach the highest score!

Don't let the gnomes down!

Swipe and spread!

Avoid dangers like BOOMshroom!


•  Fast-paced swiping gameplay!

•  Wide range of deadly obstacles!

•  Randomly generated infinite map!

•  Deliciously collectable berries!

•  Leaderboards, for a spice of competition!

•  Original soundtrack by https://ceponis.bandcamp.com

New updates coming soon!

A few enthusiastic friends developing games before, between and after work.

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